A Gift From An Angel was established in 2002.
AGFA is a nonprofit organization and depends solely on donations and fundraising contributions from the community.
We are a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

A Gift From An Angel's mission is to positively enhance the lives of less-fortunate newborns and children in hospitals, foster care homes, youth organizations, and homeless shelters. We accomplish this by giving anonymous gift baskets to provide hope and encouragement. The recipients are chosen by the hospital's health care professionals and social workers. In choosing the recipients 'less-fortunate' may include but not limited to low income, emotional stress, extreme health challenges, or absent support system. It is important to AGFA to maintain each recipient's pride and integrity.
Therefore the recipients are never told why they are chosen...only that it was "a gift from an angel".

Again, A Gift From An Angel is a nonprofit organization and depends solely on donations and fundraising contributions. Baskets are made for $10-$25. Each colorful basket is designed for a particular age and gender. Once the baskets are created they are directly dispersed to local hospitals, MA Department of Children and Families agencies, youth organizations, or homeless shelters. AGFA touches the lives of children ages 0-15 years old. Baskets are filled with goodies such as bibs, bottles, lotions, & books for newborns OR crayons, puzzles, stuff animals, & games for children.






WE NEED people who wish to be 'angels'.... by giving the gift of hope and encouragement to less-fortunate children and families!! People who want to do good. People who want to make a positive difference in the world. People who are self-less. AGFA accepts & truly appreciates any generous contribution. If you would like to be 'an angel' and help a less-fortunate child, make a donation today! Please send checks payable to 'A Gift From An Angel' and mail to
A Gift From An Angel
PO Box 2663 
Ocean Bluff, MA 02065.

OR simply click this button to make a donation using Pay Pal or Credit Cards!


We want to thank you again for all your generous donations and self-less acts!
You truly are angels on earth making a difference in the lives of youth. Please read some of the 'thank you' letters we received:

"Dear A Gift from an Angel,

On behalf of our patients, families, and staff, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your recent donation to our pediatric unit. Many of our families have limited resources so the nursing staff was very excited to have your gifts to give to some of our patients. Recently we had a little girl who was here for her birthday. No child should have to spend their birthday in the hospital but when I met this child, she very excitedly showed me the cool gifts that the nurse gave her...gifts that I recognized as coming from you. Thank you for helping us to bring a smile to that little girl's face on her birthday. The nurse wanted me to share too that the sippy cups are awesome!!
Thank you for your help and support.
Sincerely, The Pedi Team of Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital"

"Dear A Gift From An Angel,
I'm not sure if you've been thanked yet or not for the lovely gift baskets which you donated to the hospital to be given to needy families. Hopefully this is a duplicate. The social workers on the Maternity, Special Care Nursery and Pediatric services have been grateful to share the gift baskets with our families; many are young parents with limited resources.
We are very thankful for your generosity.
Sincerely, South Shore Hospital"
"Dear A Gift From An Angel,
On Behalf of everyone at School on Wheels of Massachusetts, I want to thank you for the generous donation of puzzles, workbooks, games, and school supplies.  We really appreciate this much needed donation.  As you know, we are the only agency providing one-on-one tutoring and mentoring for homeless children.  We believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of homelessness.  Thank you for caring about our kids and your on-going support for School on Wheels.  Your many gifts will brighten the day of many children.
With much gratitude, School on Wheels of Massachusetts www.sowma.org"

"Dear A Gift From An Angel,

 Good morning, I received the box of toys and clothes and wanted to thank you. It was a surprise to come into Brockton office to it!!! The newborn girl items and diapers are going right out to a hotel family who is in desperate need of clothing. The toys I will have no problem distributing, I have a mom with girls moving out so the barbies/dolls will be a nice housewarming gift for the girls. Thanks again for your generosity and hope to continue to work with your organization in the future, as well as possibly set up a tour for the future. -Father Bill's & Mainspring www.fatherbillsmainspring.org"

"Dear Ms. Kendrick and all your Angels,

On Behalf of the Trustees, physicians staff, volunteers and patients of Caritas Norwood Hospital, I would like to thank you for your generous donation of newborn items/outfits and games/toys to be distributed to our infant and pediatric patients.  Your gifts give pleasure and comfort to our youngest patients and families, and they were a thoughtful and much welcome surprise.  As a Community Hospital, we increasingly rely on the support of those who care about their neighbors, friends, and family members.  Contributions such as yours remind us how important our Hospital is to our community and reaffirms our resolve as we work to strengthen our local health care system.  We are truly appreciative of your thoughtfulness.  Warm Regards, Norwood Hospital"

" Dear Nicole,

I would like to say a BIG thank you from the Boys and Girls Club of Marshfield for the toys that were donated here this week for the kids.  We actually had two siblings whose parents had told them that Santa couldn't make it to their house this year.  The kids were devastated but with your help we were able to convince them that Santa came to the Boys and Girls Club instead of their house.  The smile on their faces brought a tear to our eyes.  Thank you for thinking of us and making a wonderful Christmas for these two little kids.  Thanks again, Boys and Girls Club of Marshfield www.marshfieldboysandgirlsclub.com"


"Dear Nicole,

Sowing Seeds would like to thank you and A Gift From An Angel for the most generous- and beautifullly packaged-donation of baby and children's items that came to us through St. Ann's Chruch. Our Clothing Bank in Marshfield serves more than 40 families a week, over 70% of them with children. Your gifts--bibs, diapers, and wipes, sippy cups, stuffed animals and toys and all the other wonderful items--will bring joy to many children and young parents who are struggling in today's economy. In particular, we are working with one mother who is expecting twins soon and she has absolutely nothing. Another is raising an infant while her husband is serving in Afghanistan. They are among the many families who will benefit from your generosity.  Again we thank you and the folks in your group for their caring and generosity.  Sincerely yours, Sowing Seeds, Sowing the Seeds of Hope to Empower Those In Need"

"Dear Nicole,

I am sorry to say that I do not always respond to your acts of kindness in a prompt manner! We greatly appreciate all the time, care, and effort that you put forth. ALL of your donations are gratefully received and you make a difference in children's lives. Thank you for being on the 'Foster Care Team'!!  Best Wishes, The Department of Children & Families Social Workers www.mass.gov/dss "


"Dear Ms. Kendrick,

Thank you very much for the toys your agency gave to our Pediatrics Unit. Our children will love receiving these gifts. Thank you again. -Director of Pediatrics, Jordan Hospital"


Founder & Executive Director

One Hundred Years From Now
by Forest Witcraft

One Hundred Years From Now...
it will not matter
what kind of car I drove,
what kind of house I lived in,
how much money was in my bank account
nor what my clothes looked like.
But the world may be a better place because
I was important in the life of a child.


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